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Merchandise arrived! (09.10.08)
All new Deadly Blessing merchandise is now available in the online store.

It already holds different shirts, girlie tanks and even panties. Also you can get some of the last copies of the numbered "Ascend From The Cauldron" CD edition there.

So don't you hesitate, check it out now!

Deadly Blessing back from Germany... (08.18.08)
...where they had a great time performing at the Headbangers Open Air. Enjoy some impressions from the festival in the gallery.

New band member and new single upcoming (03.25.08)
Okay, finally I have the first news in 2008 for you guys. I will just go ahead and quote the official press release:

"Deadly Blessing update: the band would like to welcome Brian McCleery of the McCleery Clan (LOL) as the newest member to Deadly Blessing. Brian will be playing bass for the band replacing Jeff Camarco who's personal and family commitments will not allow him to continue to play with the band nor be able to make the trip to Europe in July to play the Head Bangers Open Air Festival and the show at the Hamburg Ballroom in Germany.

The band is very happy to get Brian to join the group. Brian who formerly played with the band D.V.S. and has also did some past projects with band members Tony Sgro, Tom Umba and Wayne Sigmund. Brian will be rehearsing with the band regularly to get the ten new songs ready for the upcoming shows here in New Jersey and the festivals in Europe.

Deadly Blessing will be releasing a Limited Edition Collectors CD single of two new songs. All new merchandise and the Limited Edition Collectors CD single will be available here on our website deadlyblessing.com and also in Europe through our European site deadly-blessing.de in Germany. The band hopes to enter the studio to record the full length CD in late summer or early fall after they return from Europe.

Thank you,

Immobiliare LLC.

Management for Deadly Blessing"

I'm a little sad over here that Jeff left the band, but of course I wish him luck and all the best.

And a big welcome to Brain McCleery who will rock the bass for Deadly Blessing from now on. Can't wait to see you guys perfoming at the Headbangers Open Air this summer.

And I can't wait to get my hands on that new single. There are definitely good times ahead for all the fans!

Deadly Blessing confirmed for HOA 2008 (11.07.07)
I'm very excited to inform you that Deadly Blessing will come to Germany once again to play at the legendary Headbangers Open Air festival.

Headbangers Open Air XI will be taking place from 24th - 26th of July in northern Germany (near Hamburg). Blessing will be co-headlining on thursday 24th July.

For more info on that great event check the official festival homepage at www.headbangers-open-air.de.

Things are shaping out... (10.06.07)
In the last few weeks there were barely any news about Deadly Blessing. But now I received the following press release from the band, which sounds quite promising:

" Immobiliare, LLC an Entertainment Group is proud to announce that they have come to terms with New Jersey Heavy Metal band Deadly Blessing. The band has signed a worldwide management deal with Immobiliare. The company will represent Deadly Blessing in all aspects of band affairs. The company took notice of the staying power of the New Jersey metal band and their impressive European following. The band is still popular after nineteen years. This was proven with their recent success in Europe; they played major metal festivals there the last few years. Deadly Blessing has almost completed the writing of a new album, and is in negotiations with a privately owned record label. The Immobiliare will commit all of its resources to Deadly Blessing. "We have great respect for the bands commitment to hard work and relentlessness to achieve their ultimate goal and if they can still ride the success of a 19 year old LP we can only imagine what’s next" a company representative said."

So it seems that finally the band is moving forward, with a new album not far away... I can't wait!

Deadly Blessing on CD (07.14.07)
The current issue of the german metal magazine HEAVY comes with a CD containing the new Blessing song "Hollow Eyes". So if you have the chance to get your hands on it I wouldn't hesitate to do so...
Listen to the new stuff! (07.06.07)
On the official site of Deadly Blessing you can listen to all four new songs of the demo. So what are you waiting for, go right there now. --> deadlyblessing.com <--
Fanzine Interview (05.21.07)
There is an in depth interview with Tom Umba in the current issue #3 of the Forgotten Scroll Fanzine. You can get your hands on it for just 5 dollars, learn more by clicking here.
Demo is done! (05.20.07)
Deadly Blessing has finished their demo CD and already sent it to a limited number of music industry people.

The feedback was very good. A song from the demo will appear on the Metal Crusade XIV Compilation CD of Germany's HEAVY magazine to be released in June. Later that song will also be available on Blessing's Mypsace.

The band is still looking for a record label to release their upcoming album. Being chosen to be part of this compilation CD is the first step.

To read the original news on the US-site of Deadly Blessing click here.